The Numbers

from by Bare Essentials

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Anderson Scott:
I am O-Dog menacing, riding down Denison/ Huntin' down beats, turning vocab to venison/ Hot from the start, flow frigid at the finishing/ Throw the book at competition, welcome to your sentencing/ Lifetime imprisonment, you write rhymes with tenderness/ I write with the sentiments of people from the tentaments/ who never had benefits to benefit from/ So they're forced to drop science over the sound of kick drums/ My uzi weighs a ton, my 4-pound is chock full of pronouns that's profound/ Niggas need to slow down/ We're the new Motown, except we in the A-Town/ Destroying beats and then rebuilding playgrounds/ The team that brought you "Get Down" stays down/ Whether performing 'Bang' in Bangor, Maine or 'Africa' in Cape Town/ We got a great sound, made it into a show/ And brought it right to your front door... ok let's go..

One for the love
Two for the hate
Three to be good
Four to be great
One for the money
Two for the show
Three for the grind
Four for the soul..

Imago Dei:

I rumble and rhyme with revolution on my mind/Both hands up like Fela Kuti in the Shrine/ Standing for my people in a Champion pose/ This food for the poor, these philanthropist flows/ A little something for my family to hold/ This is pentene for my sins when life cancels my show/ This my anchor to my roots while I'm leaving fly/ But still enough rope to paint a ribbon in the sky/Ahhh, see my light, see my aura/ Not a hobby on the side like the rice in my order/ This the meal ticket for my wife and my daughters/ Over flow funds, too much ice in the water/ Too much punch in my pen for these punks to take/ Too much treble in their package need to pump the bass/ I pump the breaks on their pump fakes/ No past interference, pick six while they jump late/



from Bare Essentials, track released January 2, 2012
Produced by: Imago Dei
(Written by: J. Anderson, J. Murphy)
Recorded at Soul Aesthetic Studio
Contains interpolation of "Here My Dear" by Marvin Gaye (Jobete Music Co. Inc) and 'Anger" by Marvin Gaye (Diamond Music Corp)



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Bare Essentials Atlanta, Georgia

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