Essential Bars (Act II)

from by Bare Essentials

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Say my name and watch the weak flee/ the way I'm reppin' got em sweating up their deep V/ The women peep me, bustin' a sweet 'free'/ She let me palm 'er like lemonade and sweet tea/ Your flow makes the rap fans weepy/ and frustrated like when Josh Smith shoots a deep three/ (mine is refined) I got dimes in a line/ all 'cuz of the way my hot rhymes intertwine/ I love the scent of wine, sprinkle in a hint of pine/ You're as fake as Henna tats, my ink is genuine/ Or genuine, so worship and genuflect/ Our cassettes are on points- they're bayonnettes/ We leave you wet, verbally have you stankin/ Sleeping with the fish, nigga plankin with the planktons/ I call my nigga Jawz like 'you thinking what I'm thinking/ Let's 'reverb' the nation and decrease a nigga's rankings/ I'm never blanking/ I get rich off my website alone- call that online banking/ I'm so frickin' literary/ Non fiction, I got the diction of a visionary/ You claim you pack pipes when you grab the mic, but the last time you drew a gun was playing Pictionary/ Your chick is sick of missionary/ She likes smart guys, and I've got a big dic-tionary/ We got beats for weaks/ All of our tracks got 'fly kicks' like Peters Street/ I'm a sneaker freak, you ain't got stripes/ I'm on stage cooking dope, bitch I rock mics/ We hop flights, y'all catch trains/ I'm trying to meet Pinky... and catch Brains/ I leave your neck sprained, my shit is action packed/ You're a box office flop like when rappers act/ You hear the rat-a-tats thats the sound of battle raps/ Alleyway battlecat, Hough Heights habitat/ Been making cabbage stack since I was rocking Hammer slacks/ sitting in my Mamma's flat doing the frickin cabbage patch/ I'm underrated, plus I'm under the gun/ Under those circumstances, no wonder I've come/ to be one little arrogant son of a gun/ tweeting broads from the bubble bath- nigga I'm Run.../ D' MC- nicknamed Snub/ Your chick claims my dick's name is Big John Studd/ We rip down clubs, putting Hemp in the air/ then we strip down your girl now she's essentially bare


from Bare Essentials, track released January 2, 2012
(Written by: J. Anderson)
Produced by: Imago Dei
Recorded at Soul Aesthetic Studio



all rights reserved


Bare Essentials Atlanta, Georgia

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