Enjoy Tonight (f​/​Coco Jones)

from by Bare Essentials

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Imago Dei:
It don't matter who started it/We both gotta work it out/
It don't matter who shoulder the coldest/ Or who fired first in the war of the roses/ If we don't put the guns away, we both get shot/ We both got stock invested in this pot/So we both need it to rise/ But flames burring out like the glare in your eyes/ You used to snuggle up on my side of the bed/ And rub your ice cold feet up the side of my leg/ Now your mood swings be playing with my head/You want that TLC but you too proud to beg/ Crazy sexy cool, dancing in your pajamas/ But then you turn around and start giving me drama/ Maybe you get from your momma/ Or maybe it's just my bad karma/ Look, I ain't saying I'm a saint/
I know sometimes I go too hard in the paint/ I know sometimes I say you are when you ain't to blame/ And I'm the reason things ain't the same/ Sometimes I'm ya prince other times a toad/ Are we trying to make round pegs fit in square holes/ Maybe we should let go and call it quits/ Maybe we got to many broken parts to fix/ But I don't believe that, you don't believe that/ We don't believe that, I gotta to concede that/ Though I get mad/ you the best I ever had/ And the despite our problems the good out weighs the bad/

Baby, let's just chill we don't have to fight
Don't worry about who's wrong, let's enjoy tonight..

Anderson Scott:
Who knew that this is how Cupid would do us/ We argue to the point that the neighbors could sue us/ But I live through us/ baby I 'need' you, like the tall kid who sat behind you on the schoolbus.. (kneed you) My sense of humor intrigues you/ I might joke sometimes but I'll never deceive you/ Believe me, I know sometimes things ain't easy/ But that is no reason for you to talk all greasy/ Giving the silent treatment like silence is a punishment/ But all the yelling makes my head hurt, so honestly, I'm loving it/ We broke the covenant, forgetting the vow/ That we made when we promised not to bicker, and now.../ I'm feeling mistreated, are you really this heated/ 'cuz I left the seat up when I pee'd and the shit skeeted/ Yes, that's trifling, but that is no reason for you to interrupt me watching NBA postseason/ You got my ears bleeding, but all the beefin'/ is no where near as scary as the thought of you leaving/ So I apologize sincerely, I really do../ Now move out the way, you're blocking my view.

Baby, let's just chill we don't have to fight
Don't worry about who's wrong, let's enjoy tonight..


from Bare Essentials, released January 2, 2012
(Written by: J. Anderson, J. Murphy)
Produced by: Imago Dei
Recorded at Soul Aesthetic Studio
Additional Vocals by: Coco Jones (for CCJent)
Additional Production by: Journey Brave (for Brave Music)



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Bare Essentials Atlanta, Georgia

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