Break Bread

from by Bare Essentials

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Anderson Scott:
Panola Road patriot, Alleyway ambassador/ Dippin to the Package Store, a model is my passenger/ Mackin is spectacular, master of venacular/ Rackin’ up racks as I pass you in an Acura/ I’m actually accurate, factually flippin it/ in fact I’m rather passionate in terms of how I’m rippin it/ I see the mic, I’m grippin it, open your mouth I’m zippin’ it/ I’ll take your hottest flow and rip it for the shit of it/ This is communion, let’s spread the ashes/ and after, we can take turns eating off the crackers/ Pumpernickel, rye- sourdough I/ start counting money and the hour goes by/ I toss bread- I am in a pizzaria/ In an African medallion, screaming out ‘Free Mumia’/ Back to the money- my vertebrae is earning pay/ so if you don’t like to see determination, turn away..

Imago Dei:
I'm a bread breaker, bread maker, bread baker/ My girl wanna move out west like the Lakers/ Like it in the A but I may have to take her/ And take these white folks for my mule and forty acres/ No offense to my white fans/ Y'all can hold on to this sound like a mic stand/ I got flavor, they quite bland/ like light tan/ Just hype man, more talent in the picky on my right hand/ I guarantee what they only might can/
And stay getting money on the side like a night stand/ I know a penny saved is a penny earned/ But my kicks gotta be sick like too many germs/ Got to earn and get a cut of the loaf/ I bring home the bacon and I butter the toast
Cause when your money looking funny friend/ Short bread funny end, home slice the butt of the joke/

Imago Dei:
I need capital to capitalize, and eat in this game/ To fund a revolution you need means of exchange/ Hip to the game I pinch pennies with no shame
I'll invest in water if I want to make it rain/ So throw it in the air, launch it off like a rocket/But baby need a crowbar to get it out my pocket/ I got the beat rocking, I’m slick with the riddles/ We a circle of kings now put the money in the middle
Anderson Scott:
I break bread, and drop crumbs/ sorta like a baker man who ain’t got thumbs/ I’ve got the equation to get my people out the slums/ Hyperthermic handwritten mixed with hot drums/ I’m 7:30 over 808s/ cruising the 404 with 216 plates/ Mic check 1,2- I can record 3 4s in one third of the time/ you devise one line..


from Bare Essentials, track released January 2, 2012
(Written by: J. Anderson, J. Murphy)
Produced by: Noble Artright
Recorded at Soul Aesthetic Studio
Contains interpolation of "Justify My Thug" by Jay Z (Carter Boys Music)



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Bare Essentials Atlanta, Georgia

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