Body Language

from by Bare Essentials

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Anderson Scott:
Shhhhh.. Let's let our bodies have a chat/ My lips converse with the small of your back/ Then after that, I'll grab a 'prophylac' and reenact scenes of "When Animals Attack"/ baby you don't know jack bout what I'm doing in the sack/ I will prove that them other dudes pursuing you are wack/ I can come up to your job and make your undergarments slippery/ Or meet you in class- I can go down in history/ That last line was kinda mannish/ But this Jose Cuervo's got our bodies speaking Spanish/ Mi flacco, still muy guapo/ Baby girl, I'm macho- colder than guspacho/ My word play has got your mind in the gutter/ and mine is on the lines that your thighs just uttered/ I grab some shea butter- rub it on your backside/ I'm a reformed sex addict, but I'm about to backslide/ Pulling on your hair, no trace of tracks, au natural- beautiful, face to match/ abs like (pow!) booty like (damn!)/ not to use a cliche, but I'm bout to go HAM/ Throw on some slow jams, you can ride me to the rhythm/ I'll explore your red chakra until you're visualizing prisms/ My wish is for your kisses, my twist is rather vicious/ My whispers between your two hips taste delicious/ Anything broken I will fix it- this is body language, anatomical linguistics/ Baby, anything broken I will fix it, this is body language, anatomical linguistics..

Let me talk to you
Talk to me
Talk to you
Talk to me
Talk to you
What you gotta say??

Imago Dei:
Teach me your body language, translate every inch/ I'll massage you in Swedish, you can kiss me in French/ Bite ya bottom lip, and I'm catching the hint/ The vibe is in the air don't got to ask what you meant/ See, you ain't say a word, but I still heard you/ Cause 93 percent of communication is non-verbal/ So i know you on your way no need to call before you come/ When I say the alphabet while your cat got my tongue/ I know I’m kinda nasty/ But you a freak too, you just make it look classy/ Pass me in public and subtly flirt/ But behind close doors you like to whistle while you twerk/ It seems all queens, got a little stripper in them/ Apple bottom jeans, I love the way you fitting them/ I love when you put them on, just so I can take em off/ I love when fix yourself up, so I can break you off/ And ravish your ravishing physique/ As you lavish me with dirty talk in Portuguese, Greek/ Dialogue in the dark, take the conversation deep/ Sexy dialect, your body is a figure of speech/ Your ditty bop be the meanest/ Those heels exploit you assets like Hot and Tot Venus/ Your anatomy be speaking like of a genius/
And I'm just over here trying catch the meaning



from Bare Essentials, track released January 2, 2012
(Written by: J. Anderson, J. Murphy, Z. Murphy, F. Neely, Y. Anderson)
Produced by: Imago Dei
Recorded at Soul Aesthetic Studio
Additional Vocals by: Fayola Neely and THE WIVES
Contains Interpolation of "Do You Know Where You're Going To" by Diana Ross (Jobete Music Co)



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Bare Essentials Atlanta, Georgia

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