Back to Africa

from by Bare Essentials

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Anderson Scott:
Crack rocks, black blocks, black glocks/ Nigga this is Black Ops/ Modern Warfare, on welfare/ We sell drugs ‘cuz we can’t afford Health Care/ There’s no wealth there/ but still I don’ balled in more cities than Telfair (hell yeah)/ Volume on eleven as I roll past the reverend/ whose irreverence I reference in the tracks I be blessing/ Bumpin’ Smif n Wessun, ducking Smith and Wessons/ I’m guessing the school of hard knocks got cheap lessons/ This is the syllabus, my syllables are venomous/ Real niggas ‘like’ it, wack niggas ‘unfriending’ us/ Ghetto life is strenuous, ‘cuz they’re sending us/ to prison for selling the same poison that they’re giving us/ I am luminous, I used to push a Lumina/ I used to get weed money selling back aluminum/ Higher than the price of petroleum/ the day I’m wack, Big Ghost will start writing for Nickelodeon/ Let’s get money, under one criteria../ we give some of that back to Nigeria

Take it back to Africa- Exodus
Now one two step to this
One two step to this
One two step to this

Imago Dei:
Two Step from Africa to America/ Marshall law barricades in your area/
While you stressing the hysteria/ I’m verbalizing the vaccine for Malaria/ Toking a cigar rocking a fedora/ Laid up chillin with my fly senora/ Backyardigans ,Dora the Explorer/ I through that in just to get a smile from daughter/ Fela Kuti mix on Pandora/ Pondering religion reading scriptures from the torah/ Expediently plan my Exodus on Expedia/ While y'all exhibit only what you see in the media/
The riddles that I scribble when the pen gets clutch/ Make you move ya butt/ You welcome very much/ If we pay they own way like we going dutch/
Then they can't say nothing when the spoils get touched/


Imago Dei:

This ain’t fair like apartheid/ Flow dumb but we still be the smart guys/ to match the excellence you digging through the archives/ Telling half truths but we still see the part lies/ It’s a séance when you blast this/ Resurrect souls lost in the middle passage/ Street passion, a dash of high fashion/ And retribution for my folks police be harassing/ Nat Turner plotting war on the masters/ This that cash that’s stashed a mattress/ And put aside to fund those out the hood classes/ Let me added it up and tell you what the math is/ We add black love, subtract black shame/ Multiply the black family and equal black gain/ Cause when we do our thing, we do it like no other can/ So one two step back to the motherland/


from Bare Essentials, track released January 2, 2012
(Written by: J. Anderson, J. Murphy)
Produced by: Imago Dei
Recorded at Soul Aesthetic Studio
Additional Vocals by: K. Wallace
Contains Sample from and Portions of: "I've Got to get to California" by Marvin Gaye (WB Music Corp/Jobete Music Co)



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Bare Essentials Atlanta, Georgia

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