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Imago Dei:
I write for the hustlers, write for the playas/ Write reparations, so they have to pay us/ Write blueprints for the foundation layers/ Write dreams fulfilled to silence naysayers/ I wrestle with my thoughts, to flow so lyrical/ With the hope and the soul of a Negro spiritual/ Grow miracles from difficult seeds/ Unique specimen not your typical bread/ My people get freed, when I pen letters/ Poetry of Ali, spiritual of Mandela/ That means I fight to open the cage/ Cleanse minds like soap when I bathe/ This track in the word of this rebel/ I serve and I peddle healing herbs to the ghetto/ Yeah… these parables that I stir in the kettle/ Got these Pharisees saying the nerve of this devil/ They plot to crucify me, I plot my escape/ And feed the multitudes with bread on my plate/ Pen to pad magic, they mad at it/
Cause they practice corrupt mathematics/ They subtract black love, add black shame/ Divide the black family and equal black pain/ It's hard to act sane/ when your people lack things/ The weight of your fat chains give you back pain/ Hunched over, from life's crap game/ But we brush away the residue of the crack game/ Make beauty from the tragic, seeing far pass it/ We the fantastic, Phoenix from the ashes/ So the classics flow through ink/ I'm what the game's missing like the nose on the sphinx/ That tiny little witty bitty bit of history/ That make sense of what you thought was a mystery/

Anderson Scott:
Crack sales, Black males blackmailed/ Welcome to Black hell/ Where the kids have kids and the kids grow/ to either spit flows, hit dro or pitch blow/ From the get go/ Up at the Citgo, pushing that 'Klitchko' just to get dough/ Raised to be schitzo, this life gets so/ hard on the boulevard for anybody piss po'/ Monetary dreams, solitary nightmares/ All Black kids chase all white Nike Airs/ So they gotta get their paper straight/ be it via major weight or either with the papermate/ I need a paper weight, its getting windy/ My raps start hashmark- topics so trendy/ In a world so stingy, land so shady/ jealousy and envy makes a man go crazy/ We should be committed be we're scared of commitment, hence we will never see commencement- for instance/ When its time to graduate/ we gradually gravitate to making fiends salivate, and we wind up at the magistrate/ So instead of having cake we end up with a ravaged state/ of mind trying to calculate money at a rapid pace/ We're in a rabbit race, we're getting left back/ But I'm on this fresh track, screaming "F" that!/ I've got my fist raised, my eyes wide/ I skim the history books, 'cuz that's where lies hide/ I've got my umbrella, in case the skies cry/ I smoke spliffs with my clik, ni**a HIGH 5IVE!!/ I'm a walking contradiction/ my sickness can heal afflictions/ This elixir leaves your body soothed/ Slick as karate shoes, now make your body move.

One, two step to this (4x)
Make your body move (4x)
Do your feel good dance (4x)


from Bare Essentials, track released January 2, 2012
Produced by: Imago Dei
(Written by: J. Anderson, J. Murphy)
Recorded at Soul Aesthetic Studio
Contains Sample from and portions of "Shiloh" by David Newman (Cotillion Music Inc)



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Bare Essentials Atlanta, Georgia

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